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Our Water Vending Machine Service

The Royal Ice and Water vending machine operates by taking water from a standard municipal water supply trough a five stage filtration process, removing all organic, in-organic chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, dissolved solids and contaminants, including a variety of bacteria and nucleoids. This process provides your customers with clean, pristine water and ice.

Join Us and Receive:

Brand new vending machines with the latest water purification system.
Local service technicians that provide service within 3hours! GUARANTEED!
Competitive Gross Sales Commission Splits

Our Machines

Our machines are the ideal choice for supermarkets, convenience stores, mini markets, RV parks, marinas, large apartment complexes, and so much more!

Royal Ice and Water, LLC have the most dependable vending machines with all the bells & whistles which include:

  • Stainless Steel Cabinet

  • Revolution 9 inch touch screen technology

  • 5-stage filtration

  • Ultraviolet protection

  • Up to 1,600 gallons per day

  • Attractive, highly visible light box


The more water you sell, the more you earn.

For the ice we offer flat commission – 50% from revenue.

Commisions are based on the sales volume of the machine.

The following review of the revenue chart shows what an affiliate can expect to make based on the volume and commissions.

Average Gallons per Day Commision Percentage
0 - 50.00 30
50.01 - 100.00 35
100.01 - 150.00 40
150.01 - 200.00 45
200.01 - more 50


A good location / placement in a high traffic area with good visibility and easy access usually determine the sales volume of the machine.

A local opinion of the communities drinking water quality plays an important factor.

The amount of the bottle water on local grocery shelves is also a good indicator of potential success.

Production cost

See how much does it cost to produce one gallon of drinking water or one pound of ice.

  • 1


    With all components opening. Our vending machines draw less than 15 Amps.
    15 Amps x 115 Volts = 1725 Watts or 1.7 KW
    With a cost of $0.085 per Kilowatt/hour, an hour of continuous operation would be $0.145. A 4” x 21” membrane (operating at 175 psi) produces approximately 800 gallons per day, or 33.3 gallons per hour $0.145 divided by 33.3 =$0.0044 per gallon (approx. one half cent).
    To produce Ice we use 2kw icemaker in our machines. This Icemaker
    produces 700lb of ice in 24 hours or 29lb per hour.
    $0.17 divided by 29=
    $0.005 per pound of ice.

  • 2


    Using a minimal recovery rate of only 33% (three gallon of feed water to produce one gallon on RO water) and a cost of $2.50 per 1000 gallons of city water, the water cost would be:

    3 gallons x $0.0025 per gallon = $ 0.0075 for 1 gallon pure water (3/4 of a cent).
    To produce 1 pound of ice need to take ¼ of gallon of water or $0,0018

  • 3


    Electrical and Water for drinking water: $0.0044 + $ 0.0075 = $0.0119

    Electrical and Water for Ice production: $0.005 + $0,0018= $0.0068

    1.2 cents per gallon drinking water

    0.68 cents per pound of ice

    Note: : this amount will vary slightly with different utility rates.


Royal Ice and Water incurs all costs to set-up the vending machines!

How easy is it to install an Ice and Water vending machine?
It is very easy because Royal Ice and Water LLC will do all the work.

Installation Requirements: All our Ice/water vending machines require is a water
line in, a drain line out and a 110/220V power source. That is all! Easy, right?

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